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X-Ray Imaging

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DirectMD Virtual Primary Care provides virtual primary care for you and your family with easy access to a doctor in the comfort of your own home. However, there may be times when you need an x-ray to diagnose an injury or condition fully. Not to worry! Instead of having two appointments and driving around the city, or having to pay emergency room fees for a non-emergency x-ray, Dr. Hughes can send an x-ray order to a nearby radiology center during your telehealth appointment.

What is an x-ray?

Radiographs, commonly known as x-ray images or simply x-rays, are images of the inside of your body using a specific type of radiation called electromagnetic waves (x-rays). The black and white images show the parts of your body in different shades. The most common idea of x-ray images includes photos of a person’s bones. Calcium in the bones absorbs x-rays the most and therefore looks white on the images. Fat, soft tissues and air look increasingly black. So, although x-rays are regularly known for bone analysis, x-ray images can also detect pneumonia, certain types of cancer, and other medical conditions.

Are There Side Effects From Getting An X-Ray?

X-rays use minor amounts of radiation in order to create x-ray images of your body. These small amounts of radiation rarely produce any side effects. However, it is extremely important to tell the radiologist if you are pregnant. The radiation level that is safe for adults may negatively affect a fetus even with minor exposure.

To address this concern, radiologists carry lead aprons that block the electromagnetic waves and can be worn when taking x-rays of extremities.

What happens after I take x-rays?

Once your x-rays are complete and processed, Dr. Hughes can discuss the results with you in a follow-up appointment. In some instances, the radiology office also has telehealth capabilities where Dr. Hughes and a radiologist can share your x-ray and the diagnosis with you and the doctor together. When online viewing is not available, a certified radiologist will share your x-ray results with Dr. Hughes who will then share the results with you and speak about any necessary healing process.

Based on the x-ray assessment, treatments can also be ordered remotely. Those treatments can include medicine, physical therapy, specialized braces or splints, or topical medications. If you need to be seen in the office for something such as casting a fracture, Dr. Hughes can organize treatment at a nearby facility. With DirectMD Virtual Primary Care, you unlock all the options of local providers.

How Much Does DirectMD Virtual Primary Care Cost?

Your Direct Care Membership grants you access to all of your primary care needs with Dr. Hughes. The membership monthly cost is a minimal $70 per month.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in enjoying the benefits and convenience of DirectMD Virtual Primary Care telemedicine, you can sign up by clicking on the Subscribe Today button at the top of the page & completing the contact form. Or, if you have questions before you get started, feel free to contact us via phone at 682-540-4824 or email at

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