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Acute & Chronic Illnesses

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The medical conditions people develop are often categorized as either chronic or acute. DirectMD Virtual Primary Care provides virtual appointments with Dr. Hughes who has more than a decade of providing primary care. Virtual health care appointments are an innovative new service for people to get a professional diagnosis without having to leave their homes.

What are Acute and Chronic Illnesses?

Acute illness is defined as the sudden development of symptoms that last a short time and are often remedied by a person’s natural defenses or over-the-counter medications. These illnesses last only a few days or weeks.

Chronic conditions are slow developing and incrementally worsening conditions that progress over an extended period of time. These conditions can last months or years and will not heal without outside intervention including medication, surgery, or other clinical treatment.

What causes acute and chronic conditions?

Acute illnesses are most often caused by an infection or a virus. Acute conditions also cover physical injuries and even the misuse of drugs or medications.

Chronic conditions can have many causes. Unhealthy habits like poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and drinking can cause a lifetime of pain and discomfort and can also develop into more serious issues. The root causes of chronic conditions can be social, emotional, genetic, or environmental and are more likely to affect you as you age.

Symptoms And Treatments Of Acute And Chronic Conditions?

Acute illnesses and injuries come on quickly and can often be dealt with quickly with the correct diagnosis and treatment. A broken arm from a fall is an acute condition that is easily diagnosed and can be treated rapidly. A common cold is a good example of an acute illness that has clear symptoms and can be treated with medicines that decrease the symptoms and allow the body to clear the disease. Although most acute conditions will heal themselves over time, it is important that they be properly diagnosed and treated to prevent them from worsening.

Chronic conditions progress slowly over time and may or may not give have warning signs. Unlike acute conditions, chronic health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease cannot be cured. However, with regular visits to your doctor and proper treatment, chronic conditions can be controlled and managed. With DirectMD Virtual Primary Care, you and Dr. Hughes can create a health care plan to manage discomfort and worsening of your chronic health condition or avoid chronic conditions altogether. In fact, most chronic conditions can be prevented by practicing healthy lifestyle behaviors. If you have a chronic illness and need help monitoring your health, DirectMD Virtual Primary Care provides online virtual doctor appointments with same-day or next-day appointments that you can attend anywhere. Take advantage of the personalized care by Dr. Hughes from the comfort of your home.

How Much Does DirectMD Virtual Primary Care Cost?

Your Direct Care Membership grants you access to all of your primary care needs with Dr. Hughes. The membership monthly cost is a minimal $70 per month.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in enjoying the benefits and convenience of DirectMD Virtual Primary Care telemedicine, you can sign up by clicking on the Subscribe Today button at the top of the page & completing the contact form. Or, if you have questions before you get started, feel free to contact us via phone at 682-540-4824 or email at

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