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Hypertension High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is known as the “silent killer” because you may have high blood pressure without showing any signs or symptoms. Without early warnings or regular checkups, high blood pressure may never be diagnosed or treated.

Whether you already have high blood pressure, have symptoms of high blood pressure, or if you are at a higher risk of having blood pressure DirectMD Virtual Primary Care can help you. Dr. hughes can monitor your blood pressure measurements, prescribe medications, and offer lifestyle and diet changes to help manage your blood pressure and general health.

What is high blood pressure? (Hypertension)

Hypertension happens when the force (pressure) of blood pushing against the walls of your blood vessels is too high. Left undiagnosed, high blood pressure damages your circulatory system and leads to conditions such as heart attack and stroke. It can also lead to heart failure, loss of vision, kidney disease/failure, angina (chest pain), sexual problems, and peripheral artery disease (PAD).

The only way to know if you have high blood pressure is to get it measured or measure it yourself. A blood pressure reading is made up of two numbers: a systolic (upper number) and a diastolic (lower number). The systolic number measures the force of blood against artery walls when your heart beats. The diastolic number measures the pressure on artery walls in between heartbeats when your heart is at rest.

Normal blood pressure is defined as being 120/80. That is a systolic pressure of 120 or below and a diastolic pressure of 80 or below. High blood pressure is when your systolic blood pressure is above 130 or your diastolic pressure is above 80. If you have a high reading, your doctor may retake your pressure after a few minutes since blood pressure varies throughout the day depending on a number of factors including stress, caffeine intake, and even some medications.

Are you at high risk for high blood pressure?

Genetics and lifestyle are the primary factors that can put you at risk of developing high blood pressure. With the help of Dr. Hughes, you can understand the risk and take the appropriate steps now to prevent future and more serious health problems.

Can I see a telehealth doctor for my high blood pressure?

Yes! DirectMD Virtual Primary Care can help you manage your high blood pressure. Although diagnosing high blood pressure will take a physical exam and in-person measurement, once confirmed, you can schedule your appointment online with Dr. Hughes for advice, prescriptions, and regular follow-ups. You can speak to Dr. Hughes and have and prescriptions sent to a nearby pharmacy or even a home-delivery pharmacy to get the medication you need.

How Much Does DirectMD Virtual Primary Care Cost?

Your Direct Care Membership grants you access to all of your primary care needs with Dr. Hughes. The membership monthly cost is a minimal $70 per month.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in enjoying the benefits and convenience of DirectMD Virtual Primary Care telemedicine, you can sign up by clicking on the Subscribe Today button at the top of the page & completing the contact form. Or, if you have questions before you get started, feel free to contact us via phone at 682-540-4824 or email at

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